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Gabriel is a phenomenal SEO. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him through several business groups, and I can say that he has more understanding of the best practices of SEO that actually work than 99% of his competitors. His wealth of knowledge is incredible, and if he has any openings, book him right away!
Justin West
I had a pal up in Edmonton that needed assistance with boosting his website for Google and the other search engines. And although my buddy thought that I could do it for him there were three reasons that I declined:

1. Normally, I tend to shy away from doing SEO for friends and family due to the fact that they expect me to do more work for them for less money which results in animosity.
2. I know little about the Edmonton aside from that’s the name of the street I live on and that people up there love hockey.
3. I understood that Gabriel could help my friend out because we both belong to a group of the smartest, experienced, and hard-working SEO specialists in the world. Therefore, I was positive that Gabriel would do just as great a job for my good friend as I could.

Sure I lost a couple of dollars but both my friend and I are pleased about dealing with Gabriel.

I highly recommend him for any companies in Edmonton!

Ed Brancheau
Gabriel is not only a brilliant SEO consultant, but he is also a fantastic entrepreneur/business mentor. He understand exactly what it takes to turn businesses around and explode their growth in today’s online market using free traffic from search engine such as Google. I’m looking forward to understanding more about SEO as well as working with Gabriel’s agency in the future.
Jackie Dinh
Gabe has the unique ability to craft a compelling message, get it ranked and then ensure his clients convert that traffic into bottom line sales revenue. This is not a single step process, it takes a high level of expertise and a dedicated, coordinated approach to maximizing the effectiveness of each step in the strategy. I’ve seen Gabe and his team in action and I’m in awe of the results they generate. Don’t think twice if you have the opportunity to work with Gabe and Noteworthy SEO.
Robert Harden
I can’t say enough about Gabriel and his SEO expertise . Whether you’re considering him for your SEO, or other digital marketing solutions, you honestly can’t go wrong here. He knows exactly what he is doing and has the results to prove it. I highly recommend him and his agency
Norma Anne Hitchison

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Must of this can be done via conference calls or we can shoot a brief video for you outlining our plan.


As you can tell, we collaborate with people around North America, and throughout the world.  Frankly, it keeps our costs down…


NOTHING gets implemented without thorough field testing and validation.


Once we’re satisfied with the data from our testing results, we’ll delivery the completed project to you and provide ongoing monitoring.

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