How Does Google Decide Who Ranks First?

Google tries very hard to find content which is both relevant and valuable.

Here are some Key Criterion:

Is it Understandable?

Does it have Integrity?

Is it Rare and Different?

Does it get lots of Attention?

Is there a chance it could be Fake?

Does it have Utility?

The Best Internet Marketing Companies and SEO’s are Experts in this Area.

How Does Google Find What We’re Looking For?

Welcome to the future of SEO and Internet Marketing…Artificial Intelligence Learning System: “RankBrain”

Google uses “Robots”, or “Bots” or “Spiders” to “Crawl the Web”, looking for Relevant and Valuable Information.
When you search for something, the results are presented to you on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Google tracks the “Traffic Data” to and from different Websites and gathers that information from SERP’s to ascertain Relevance and Importance

Finally, Google tracks the Activity on a Web Page (User Metrics); how long a person stays on a Website, whether certain Links are clicked, what videos are watched, whether forms are filled out and submitted…

What Nuggets Does Google Bot Look For?

Primarily 4 Things:

URL’s: Unique Resource Locator which identifies the Name and Address that refers to objects on the World Wide Web: your Unique Website and Directories

Meta Data: Data that describes other Data…Google looks for content “behind the scenes” like a URL’s Description and Information

Anchor Text: “clickable text” or hyperlink that links one Webpage to another, it is one of the most powerful ways to signal to Google what a Website is about and should rank for

Content: Anything that a user would see when they visit a Webpage; Articles, Pictures, Videos, etc.

Taking all the basic steps and using all the building blocks as outlined above does not ensure successful rankings, but one thing is for certain…NOT taking these steps will ensure failure!