I worked with David on his rural auto dealer business.  There were some bad reputation posts due to misunderstandings and vindictive client venting…these things often happen as people over-react to perceived wrongs…Most people are unaware that if the person posting the negative review cannot be convinced or chooses NOT to recant and take off the negative review, that post will be stuck on a company’s profile for a very long time…perhaps indefinitely.

So we set about creating a video which had a glowing review for David…my own.

I had purchases cars from them before, they were super nice to deal with and I wanted to do something to help eradicate or reverse this reputational damage…

The end result was much better than anything we had anticipated.  The video started ranking on page one all by itself, David started gathering more positive reviews, the combine cumulative effect is a top rating for his search terms on page one and the business now firmly entrenched at the top of the “3 pack”!


Not bad for 6 months and one video!


“Gabe has done a great job with helping our website rankings, he explained everything clearly and allowed me to choose from 3 reasonable options for monthly service. Since we’ve started to work with Gabe our rankings are noticeably better on Google and we’re even in the Google “3 Pack” for the first time in the history of our business! Thanks for doing a great job as always Gabe!”