Project Description

Project Brief

If I asked you to think about “Xerox” or “Post-It” or “Elcro” or “Apple” or  “BMW”…some image and reference immediately comes to mind, right?  Well that’s Branding at it’s finest, it’s at all places, at all times…simply because these great brands have emblazoned an image, a context into our brains through years of brilliant work and marketing.

Many of us forget that Xerox is actually a brand of Photocopy machines, but we all ask our assistants and admin staff to “Xerox it for me”…

How about “Post-It”?  That’s actually a 3M product that was a long and arduous road to creating and nurturing in our consumer minds…

“Velcro” was created when a Swiss electrical engineer George de Mestral wondered why burrs would cling to his trousers, in 1941…then created a product called “hook and loop fasteners”…but have YOU ever called those sticky things a “hook and loop fastener”??  Ever??  No, we simply refer to this stuff as “Velcro”, a brand name…a brilliant “Branding Camapaign”.

We haven’t done anything quite as iconic, yet, but exposure and patience is the key to Branding and to SEO…

Here’s how we helped a new company start their brand:

Conceptual Design Samples

Skills Needed

We have crafted and tested strategies and protocol which effectively Brand an idea, a concept, an enterprise…Time and patience are necessary to see these projects to completion and our clients cannot endeavour to begin this journey with a faint heart, or desire for immediate gratification…

Project Planning 98%
Graphic Design 77%
Branding 99%
Multimedia 89%

Noteworthy Plan

A broad vision of the future and a homage to the past come together to synthesize the concept of a “Brand”

Noteworthy Drafts & Revisions

To be Perfectly Honest…The “excitement” of the project quickly wears off as this phase kicks in and drafts and revisions are created, then approved, and recreated…this rinse and repeat cycle is annoying but necessary as a gestation period before the delivery of the final “Brand” concept.

Final Noteworthy Delivery

After a brief moment of celebration, our team kicks into high gear to “shout out” this vision to the world at large…of course, our vehicle of chose…the internet.

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Strong Brands

Whether you’re the next Xerox or simply want to appear to be “at all places at all times” as we accomplished in one campaign…ranking over 400 search terms and phrases on page 1 in his local area…

Excellent Results

This particular client was an injury lawyer…and having such results allowed him to appear on a potential client’s mobile device, right at the moment they need to engage him the most…when they search for “Best Injury Lawyer in…”  Mission Accomplished!